Police looking for suspect involved in frightening armed robbery of Southeast Fresno store

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Its video so troubling robbery detectives are breaking protocol by releasing it so early.

"She was dragged, she was literally pulled by the back of her hair the entire time she was in the storage room," said Miguel Archan, Fresno Police.

A terrifying minute-long attack as a man holds a Metro PCS employee at gunpoint-- forcing her to the floor as he makes off with a handful of phones.

"Based on the nature and aggression he showed to the employee of the Metro PCS, we believe he may carry on and commit another robbery," said Archan.

Detective Archan said phone carrier stores are being targeted all over Fresno. Since October of last year he has investigated five robberies at Metro PCS stores.

Eddie, a store manager, was the victim twice.

"You know what that person is actually feeling, for her to go through that, it's something you wouldn't want to hear."

The suspects in both of Eddie's cases are still wanted by authorities. While he says he won't let fear overcome his life it has taken the innocence out the job.

"Are you kidding me, is this really happening, started a flashback the first time it happened."

But Eddie said his experiences were not as traumatizing as this video-- where the suspect drags the employee to a corner, threatens her, and then casually strolls outside where a family is standing in the lobby.

Police said that is why they need help to catch him.

"She complied, he did it because he wanted to, it shows he likes acting violently and that's concerning," said Archan.

Police are asking if you have any information to call the Fresno Police Department.
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