Valley growers come to the aid of a Fresno farmer in need

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Hundreds of Valley wells ran dry during the drought-- but when it happened to Will Scott in Fresno Paul Buxman of Dinuba stood right by his side. (KFSN)

Hundreds of Valley wells ran dry during the drought, but when it happened to Will Scott in Fresno, Paul Buxman of Dinuba stood right by his side.

"Well I think Paul-- he's been a life saver really, because he came into my life when I was really at a point where I was at a low level and theoretically I was out of farming," said Scott.

Buxman started a "Drill for Will" fund because he was struck by Scott's commitment to his community by growing food and teaching kids about farming.

"In some ways it's about Will, but it's also about the community that says we recognize those who have been in our corner and helped us and we're not gonna let that farm go down."

Buxman sold his own artwork and helped collect over $30,000 in donations to help a man he barely knew. Some of the money was used for a domestic well.

"It's amazing how God works and the people he brings into your life. When he comes in, you start it and he'll finish it," said Scott.

A drill rig crew, headed by Terra Bella Citrus grower Lisle Babock, then rode in like the cavalry.

Babcock told Scott and Buxman he would put in a new Ag well and pump for free.

"He said I felt a direction and we're going to do this and we all embraced here," said Buxman.

Babock prefers to be the silent partner out of the public eye, but the 340-foot well will allow Scott to again work his 38 acre plot.

"I feel blessed and what it does to me is I know now I gotta to step up too because of the reciprocity. If you're blessed you need to pass it along," said Scott.

Scott and Buxman were overwhelmed by Babcock's offer.

"I told Lisle this is going to bring hope not just to Will, but to a community to know that people can step up and make a huge difference," said Buxman.

Buxman said when you help others you help yourself. Scott was thankful to everyone who helped keep his farm in production.
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