Snow levels reach lower elevations in Madera County

O'NEIL'S, Calfi. (KFSN) -- Families used the holiday Monday to play in some of the snow left over by the weekend storm.

Communities in the lower elevations received a couple of inches of fresh powder.

The Rodriguez family of Fresno decided to take advantage of the winter weather with a day trip to Oakhurst.

"We don't see snow a lot, so it's kind of like a wonderful experience to come out and see the snow," said Jacqueline Rodriguez.

The weekend dusting of snow reached as low as the 1,000-foot level - something experts say we haven't seen in almost six years

The last time the area has seen snow at a 1000 feet or below was in December of 2013. Other years include March of 2006 and the El Niño year of 1998.

The recent cold snap was a welcome sight for winemakers.

Officials with Fasi Estate Winery in Madera county expect the frigid temperatures to have a positive effect on future blends.

"The snow just helps the vine stronger because the vine lasts a really long time and so the more different kind of weather it can withhold makes it longer more durable and better at producing fruit," said Kayla Belcher.
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