Creek Fire: 271,938 acres burned with 25% containment, latest evacuations issued for Fresno, Madera, Mariposa counties

Officials say military personnel from different branches, including 200 Marines and 10 members of the Navy, are arriving 'very shortly' to help battle the flames.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Creek Fire was first sparked on Friday, September 4, and 271,938 acres have burned as of Saturday evening with 25% containment. At least 913 structures have been damaged or destroyed, and 8,063 are threatened. Officials say 30,000 residents of Fresno County and 15,000 residents of Madera County have been evacuated.

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Friday, September 18

During a briefing on Friday evening, forest officials said containment of the Creek Fire has grown to 22%.

Crews have assessed about 90% of structures in the fire area, and have found 842 structures destroyed and 71 structures damaged. More than 8,000 structures are still under threat.

The military personnel will be joining the fire fight on Tuesday.

Officials said 21 firefighters have sustained minor injuries while battling the Creek Fire.

Thursday, September 17

The Creek Fire is now the 10th largest wildfire in California's modern history after 246,756 acres have burned. On Thursday evening, officials said the containment is now at 20% and that at least 783 structures have been destroyed and 67 structures have been damaged.

Crews have assessed approximately 75% of structures. 8,561 structures are still under threat.

More than 200 Marines and ten members of the Navy will arrive in Central California this Saturday and Sunday.

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  • Wednesday, September 16

    The wildfire has grown to 228,025 acres with 18% containment as of Wednesday evening.

    During a briefing, forest officials said military personnel from different branches, including 200 Marines and 10 members of the Navy, are arriving 'very shortly' to help battle the flames.

    They added that over 2 million pounds of dead and downed wood is serving as fuel for the wildfire to grow, hampering containment efforts.

    Crews are allowing the fire to move towards the north side where it will run into natural barriers. Officials said 742 structures have been destroyed and 61 structures have been damaged. 9,438 structures are threatened.

    The damage assessment for the wildfire area is about 57% complete.

    Firefighters said the northern side of the fire had the most activity overnight, while the southern and western areas remained calm. More evacuations orders were reduced to warnings in Madera County.

    Tuesday, September 15

    CAL FIRE officials say the Creek Fire grew to 220,025 acres overnight on Tuesday and containment grew to 18%.

    In total, approximately 632 structures have been destroyed, 52 were damaged and 9,932 are threatened by the flames. Damage assessment was 50% complete.

    Officials say their firefighting efforts are being hampered due to the thick smoke. It's keeping airplanes and helicopters grounded and unable to help by dropping water and fire retardant on the flames.

    Monday, September 14

    The Creek Fire grew overnight to 212,744 acres, CAL FIRE said on Monday morning.

    During the evening briefing, officials said containment had grown to 16%, and at least 518 structures had been damaged or destroyed. They added that 43% of structures had been assessed for damage.

    Firefighters say heavy smoke from the Castle Fire, part of the SQF Complex Fire, in Tulare County drifted north over the Creek Fire on Sunday. The smoke settled into lower elevations on Sunday night and many woke up to a thick haze on Monday morning.

    Crews say winds are expected to be moving the Creek Fire flames into the deep canyons. Damage assessment was 36% as of Monday morning.

    Sunday, September 13

    The Creek Fire surpassed 200,000 acres on Sunday and containment over the wildfire grew to 10%.

    The sheriff's office reduced evacuation orders to warnings for some properties in the Bass Lake and North Fork areas. Warnings were lifted for much of the Highway 41 corridor between Road 200 and Bass Lake Road.

    At least six homes have been destroyed in Madera County, along with more than 365 structures in Fresno County.

    Saturday, September 12

    During a briefing on Saturday evening, officials said the containment of the Creek Fire has grown to 8% and the acreage remains at 196,667. They say crews have been successful with adding new lines along the ground, but this is the fourth straight day with no air attack due to the thick smoke.

    No new evacuation orders or warnings have been issued, but the Fresno County Sheriff's Office says it arrested three people for driving through roadblocks.

    The Madera County Sheriff's Office says it can now confirm at least six homes have burned, and those owners have been notified.

    PHOTOS: Stunning images from the Creek Fire

    Friday, September 11

    During a briefing on Friday evening, officials said the wildfire has grown to 182,225 acres with 6% containment. There were 1,811 firefighters battling it.

    They said 17% of 4,900 structures in the fire area had been inspected and provided a breakdown of how many had been impacted. Seven single-family homes have been damaged and 92 destroyed, two businesses have been damaged and five destroyed, and five outbuildings have been damaged and 139 destroyed.

    Most of the buildings damaged or destroyed are in Fresno County, officials said. One person has been arrested for driving through a roadblock.

    Fire officials say it will likely be weeks until the evacuees can return home.

    Thursday, September 10

    Firefighters gained 6% containment over the 175,893-acre Creek Fire on Thursday. During a briefing on that evening, officials said it was the first day firefighters were on the offense instead of the defense, calling it a 'turning point' in their fight against the flames.

    Earlier in the day, a second air attack team was grounded due to the heavy smoke. The aircraft dropped more than 100,000 gallons of flame retardant on Wednesday, officials say.

    The County of Fresno also passed an emergency proclamation on Thursday, passed with a 5-0 vote.

    Wednesday, September 9

    The Creek Fire grew to 166,965 acres with 0% containment on Wednesday. During a briefing on Wednesday night, fire officials detailed the efforts underway to protect homes and addressed concerns from evacuees on when they'll be able to return.

    For now, authorities said the thousands of residents forced out by flames should prepare to spend weeks away from their houses.

    One area of concern is near Bass Lake, where bulldozers are currently cutting lines to protect nearby communities in case the fire spreads.

    Tuesday, September 8

    The Creek Fire grew to 152,833 acres with 0% containment on Tuesday.

    Helicopters landed at the Army National Guard base in Fresno with dozens of people who were stranded in China Peak and Lake Edison on Tuesday morning.

    On Tuesday evening, the county said around 30,000 people had been evacuated. In a press conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom praised the airlift operations and the rescues made over the weekend in Mammoth Pool.

    Monday, September 7

    The Creek Fire grew to 135,523 acres on Monday with 0% containment. During a press conference, fire officials said 200 people were stuck in the Sierra National Forest across four different temporary refuge areas.

    Officials urged people to be prepared and proactive when it comes to evacuation orders. There are two separate incident command teams working the Creek Fire: one is a federal team that is handling the north side of the blaze and another is working the south side of the fire into Fresno County.

    Sunday, September 6

    The fast-moving Creek Fire grew to 73,278 acres on Sunday with 0% containment.

    The wildfire trapped more than 200 people near the Mammoth Pool Reservoir in Madera County. National Guard helicopters were called in to airlift them to safety.

    On Sunday evening, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in Fresno, Madera and Mariposa counties due to the fire. The declaration will help the state deploy additional resources to tackle it.

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